About Us

Our Mission

Beaver County Historical Research & Landmarks Foundation, located in the 1826 Captain William Vicary Mansion, is recognized as Beaver County’s official Historical Society. The Foundation exists to research, collect and archive local history and artifacts, recognize Beaver County landmarks and educate the local and national audience via instructional programs, reference materials, publications, referrals and special events.

Board of Trustees

BCHRLF is governed by a board of 14 trustees who are responsible for oversight of programming, budgets, and general administration, and employment of directors and staff.

Executive Board:
President: Emily Crum
Vice President: Melissa Haney
Treasurer: Janette Hartley
Assistant Treasurer: BJ Jewell
Secretary: Angela Gentile
Assistant Secretary: Lori Tolbert

Executive Director: Brenda Applegate

Board of Trustees: Judith Borowsky, Bernie Catalucci, Bob Henry, Dr. Thomas Kavic, Marcy Madl, Charles Townsend, Med,MDiv, Amanda Valko, Kristen Westeroff