Community Outreach

Historic Fashion Shows

Our show is entitled “Beaver County Fashion Frontier, Exploring Our Past Heritage”, and presents fashions from the 1700’s through 1940. The show is available to community and civic groups for a donation. Our models are volunteers and they have made the authentic clothing that is being worn.  These are not costumes. They are the correct garments that would have been worn in the respective time period.  If you would like to arrange for a fashion show, please contact the Foundation office.

Speakers Bureau

Speakers dealing with various aspects of Beaver County history are available to school and civic groups. Topics range from the Geography of Beaver County to Mother’s Day. Anyone interested in arranging a speaking engagement should contact the Foundation office.

Custom-Tailored Programs

  • Boy/Girl Scout badge program
  • Preschool
  • In-school (elementary/middle)
  • Retirement/nursing homes
  • Bus tours
  • Garden tours/workshops
  • Others upon interest/theme

Contact the Foundation office for more information.