West Mayfield Borough

West Mayfield was incorporated as a Borough on December 7, 1923. Although not technically a municipality until that time, the West Mayfield area was settled as early as 1816. West Mayfield has been known as an industrial community since 1899 when steel maker Babcock & Wilcox Co. located their Tubular Products Division there.

Fun Facts about West Mayfield:

-The name Mayfield came from the early stop on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The station received its name of “Mayfield” from an early local farm called Mayfield Cottage. The current West Mayfield was west of that station; hence, West Mayfield.

-The anchor street in West Mayfield is 37th Street on Route 251.

-Early settlers were the Whites, Edwards, Harbisons, Ridings, Waggoners and Schuttes.

-Before 37th Street was paved, it was a popular spot for Geneva College students to bobsled.

-Other industries in West Mayfield over the years have been the Mayfield Foundry and Standard Steel Specialty Company.