Patterson Township

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Patterson Township was formed on October 15, 1841 when it split from Brighton (Beaver Falls) and Fallston. The earliest residents of Patterson Township were Quakers, who settled on the hill overlooking the Beaver River. At incorporation, there were 44 residents in Patterson Township. As of 2010, there were 3,029 people living on the 1.64 square miles of land within the Township limits.

Fun Facts about Patterson Township:

-The Pittsburgh to Cleveland stagecoach trail ran directly through Patterson Township prior to 1900.

-Also prior to 1900 residents wrote about “cattle drives” that would take place along Darlington Road heading from Ohio to Pittsburgh.

Riverview Park was connected to Beaver Falls via streetcars until 1904.

-Patterson Township has three active churches: 1st Assembly of God, 1st Reformed Presbyterian, and Riverview United Methodist Church. RUMC retains the name of the streetcar line that served the area at the turn of the 20th century.

-Patterson Township has its own first-class police and fire departments.

-Patterson Township children attend Blackhawk School District.