Patterson Heights

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Patterson Heights was incorporated on June 19, 1899 and is one of the smallest municipalities in Beaver County. When incorporated, Patterson Heights had only 27 residents. As of 2010, there were 636 residents living in the 268 homes in Patterson Heights. Part of the old Beaver Valley Country Club, now known as the Beaver Valley Golf Club, lies within the boundaries of Patterson Heights.

Fun Facts about Patterson Heights:

-The first business in Patterson Heights was a general store owned and operated by Rosser Prosser.

-Beginning in 1895 The Patterson Heights Street Railway Company operated the Patterson Heights Incline which connected residents with lower Beaver Falls. The lower station was located at the Penn Bridge Works factory. The area is now known as Bridge Street.

Alum Rocks overlooking Beaver Falls and the Beaver River, has been the site of discovery for many Native American artifacts that have taught us a lot about the Indians that once resided here.

-The Patterson Heights Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on November 4, 1903 making it the first incorporated fire department in Beaver County.

-Patterson Heights does not have a police department. Beaver Falls police serve and protect in Patterson Heights.

-Patterson Heights children attend Blackhawk School District.