Ohioville Borough

In 1960 Ohioville incorporated as a borough from Ohioville Township. Its history goes back much further as Ohio Township was formed in 1805 from part of South Beaver Township. It lost more territory to Brighton Township in 1816, Glasgow Borough in 1854 and Industry Township in 1856.

Fun facts about Ohioville:

-From 1799 Maryland native Thomas Smith operated a ferry transporting passengers from Georgetown to Ohio Township.

-A post office was established at the Village of Ohioville in 1828.

New Salem United Presbyterian Church was founded in 1811.

-Founded in July 1812 Four Mile United Presbyterian Church was originally named Four Mile Square Church from the four-mile square section of land surveyed by Alexander McClean in Depreciation District No. 1.

-The Village of Fairview was the site of Fairview Grange.

Rockingham and Yellowware pottery operated in 1852 by Thomas Elverson and Samuel Pollock.

Oil wells began popping up in 1860. The wells were small and eventually declined.

-Students attend the Western-Beaver School District.

-Several tribes of Native American Indians came through the area including the Archaic, Woodland and Iroquois.