Hanover Township

Hanover Township was settled in 1772 and incorporated in 1786. The Dungan family, recognized as the first permanent settlers in Beaver County, came to the area when the Township was first settled.

Fun facts about Hanover Township:

Commettsburg, located in the southwest corner of the Township, was an early village and post office.

-At Murdocksville in the southeast area of the township, is White’s Mill, a significant county landmark. It is used to determine the boundary of Allegheny County when it was expanded in 1788 and of Beaver County when it was created in 1800.

Harshaville was an early post office.

Oil had been produced in the western part of the Township.

-During the depression, a Citizens Conservation Corps encampment was established at the headwater of the Traverse Creek.

-In 1948, about 7500 acres, including the Citizens Conservation Corps camp, were given to Pennsylvania by the federal government for Raccoon Creek State Park.