Frankfort Springs Borough

The Borough of Frankfort Springs was established in 1844. Early settlers to the area were Levi and Mary Davis Dungan in 1772. When Beaver County was formed in 1800, the future borough was included in Hanover Township.

Fun facts about Frankfort Springs:

James Dungan was proprietor of Frankfort Hotel at Frankfort Mineral Springs, a three-story building which housed up to 200 guests from Pittsburgh and other areas each July and August. Many people felt the water had medicinal qualities and the spa was popular from 1810 to the mid 1870’s. A fire sometime between 1932 destroyed the hotel.

Dr. Alexander McCandless lived and practiced in Frankfort Springs from 1839 to 1849. He was in a malpractice suit for improper treatment of a badly fractured leg in 1847. It required three appearances before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court before it concluded in 1855. The court’s decision as to what standard is required of a doctor when he treats a patient made it a landmark Pennsylvania case.

Frankfort Academy was originally founded in 1839 then closed in 1848 and reopened in 1871. Graduates were able to enter the junior class at Jefferson College.

-The mineral waters at the springs are located within Raccoon State Park.