Fallston Borough

The Borough of Fallston, along with the Fallston Post Office, were established in 1829. Prior to this, the land was part of many other communities. With the establishment of Beaver County in 1800, the land was part of South Beaver Township. In 1805, the land became part of Ohio Township, and then it passed into Brighton Township.

Fun facts about Fallston:

-In the 1800’s, there were many industries in the community including: saw mills, oil mill, sash factory, wire manufacturer, paper mill, woolen mill and flour mill. They were able to use the water of the Beaver River.

-The Valley Electric Company used to be located in the borough.

-The Beaver Valley Yacht Club is located along the river.

-The Fallston Bridge is closed due to damage from frigid weather in February 2015. A water pipe buckled damaging the sidewalk.