Eastvale Borough

Eastvale Borough, originally called the Village of Fetterman, used to be part of Pulaski and North Sewickley Townships. Citizens of the area wanted independent status and petitioned the court in 1892. In July 1892, Eastvale was incorporated as a borough.

Fun facts about Eastvale:

-In the 1880’s, the only way to reach the town from Beaver Falls was by river. In the late 1880’s, a wooden toll-bridge was built and called Fetterman’s Bridge. In 1921, it was rebuilt with a new deck for automobiles and a sidewalk. In 1962 it was replaced with a four-lane bridge and sidewalk called John F. Kennedy Bridge.

-Brick making was a major industry in town. The Douglas-Whisler Brick Co. was constructed in 1902. The company name changed to Pittsburgh Clay Products Co., Eastvale Clay Products, and Eastvale Standard Clay Products Co. The brickyard was closed and demolished.