Darlington Township

Darlington Township was formed in 1847 from Litlle Beaver Township. The township took its name from the borough which it surrounds.

Fun facts about Darlington Township:

-The Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded in 1847 as Darlington Free Presbyterian Church by Arthur Bradford.

-On the grounds of the Bradford house was a brick prophet’s chamber, a small two-story retreat designed to give visiting preachers the isolation necessary to study and write sermons.

-The township was originally on the Sandusky Indian Trail.
This route became the main road between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

-In the 1830’s, a vein of cannel coal was discovered and mined. It burns with a bright flame. The Darlington Cannel Coal Railroad was built to transport the coal.

Clay mining took place in the township.

Darlington Polo Grounds, with overhead lighting for night matches, is located in the township.