Darlington Borough

The Borough of Darlington was incorporated March 28, 1820. The town, just three streets wide and five streets long, was formed with all the land holdings of John Greer, William Martin and Thomas Sprott. It originally was called Greersburg after John Greer won drawing lots to see who would name the town. The town name was often confused with Greensburg, and on April 6, 1830, the town was renamed Darlington.

Fun facts about Darlington Borough:

-The Greersburg Academy, the first academy west of the Alleghenies, was founded in 1802 by Rev. Thomas E. Hughes. Secondary education was provided. Many well-known people were educated there including William H. McGuffey, author of the McGuffey Readers.

-The Academy is one of the oldest buildings in Beaver County. The site is now part of the Little Beaver Historical Society Museum Complex.

-The town was busy in the past. Many stage coaches stopped in the town travelling between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The town was a relay and supply station for stage coaches.