Center Township

Center Township was formed November 24, 1914 by the court. It’s history goes further back to the earliest period of Ohio Valley history. Prior to colonial explorers, native Indians traveled the “Glade Path,” an important trail crossing the township north to south. When Beaver County was formed in 1800, three townships were created in the Southside– Hanover, First Moon and Second Moon. In 1812 the area was reorganized into four townships. One of these was Moon, the parent of Center. In 1914 a dispute among Moon Township residents, split the township, separating the heavily populated suburban section in the north from the sparsely populated region in the south and west. The southern section became known as Center Township.

Fun facts about Center Township:

-The township is home to Penn State Beaver Campus and the Community College of Beaver County.

Gateway Rehabilitation Center is located in the township.

-The Beaver County Area Vocational Technical School is for high school students.

Beaver Valley Mall was one of the largest malls in Western Pennsylvania when it first was built.

-Recently, many hotels are being built in the municipality.