Bridgewater, formerly part of Beaver, was formed by decree of the Court of Quarter Sessions April 2, 1835. The town is a consolidation of Bridgewater and Sharon and was incorporated in 1868. It was named for a city in England.

Fun facts about Bridgewater:

Joseph Hemphill laid out a lot of the town in 1818.

Piersol Academy, established in 1815, educated many teachers. It was run by Professor Scudder H. Piersol.

Keystone Bakery, once located in Beaver, came to Bridgewater in 1885. This building is now called Stone Point Landing which has offices and a restaurant.

Union Building and Loan was organized in 1886. It still exists as Union Building and Loan Savings Bank.

-There have been some major floods in the town including 1913 and 1936.

-The town hosted the Beaver County River Regatta for many years.

-Many people stop in town to eat at Jerry’s Curb Service, where food is brought to your car, and then get a sweet treat at Bruster’s Ice Cream.

-Parts of the movie Gung Ho were filmed in town during 1986.

-The town was referred to as West Bridgewater. That’s because a post office was opened January 1, 1879. It was called West Bridgewater because there was another town called Bridgewater in the eastern part of the state. This post office was closed in 1961 when mail delivery was handled by Beaver.