Daniel Leet surveyed Beaver in November 1792. It was confirmed by an act of the assembly March 6, 1793. The town became the county seat in 1800 when the County of Beaver was formed. Beaver received borough status March 27, 1802. The first county court was established in 1804.

Fun facts about Beaver:

Ft. McIntosh, located in the area of River Road, is the site of the First American Regiment of the U.S. Army, 1778-1788.

Daniel Agnew (1808-1902) was Chief Justice of the of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Matthew S. Quay (1833-1904) was a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania., He was referred to as “Boss” and served from 1887-1904 with only a break of two years.

Robert Linn served as Mayor for 58 years, 1946 to 2004, one of the longest serving mayors in the U.S.

John Skorupan was a former NFL linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

-Parts of the movie Gung Ho were filmed in the park across from the county court house.

-Beaver High School graduate Amber Brkich Mariano was the winner of the television show Survivor All Stars.