Beaver County History Celebration Weekend 2019


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Air Heritage, Inc. Museum and Aircraft Restoration Facility
35 Piper Street, Chippewa Township, Beaver

A solider must eat! See how food that fueled the front was served in WWII and in Vietnam. Thousands could eat at Army Field Kitchens– MKT- 90. The MKT- 90 is still in field service use for the army. It is a complete kitchen unit mounted on a trailer chassis that can be towed by a standard 2-1/2 ton or 5-ton truck. Two or three units are typically used together to feed a battalion-sized organization.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am–5pm
Regular Hours: Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm

Beaver Area Heritage Museum
1 River Road Extension, Beaver, 15009

Taste what the early American frontier fort soldier would have for a meal back in the late 1700’s. New renovations for 2019 will be a new display of Fort McIntosh. Celebrating this new exhibit; a Garrison re-enactor will be cooking up stew from provisions and vegetation that would have been grown in the area surrounding the fort during is occupation. Bring the kids too for a kids craft in the 1802 log house.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: April-November Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm

Beaver County Industrial Museum
801 Plumb Street, Darlington, 16115

“Remembering Aliquippa,” a town that the mill built. See the photos of the gardens that Jones and Laughlin mill let their employees grow on company land. The “Food in Industry” display will highlight a table from the Beaver Falls Ing-Rich Manufacturing Company, a place setting from Mayer China, glass from Co-operative Flint and Fry Glass ovenware.


History Weekend and Darlington Days Hours: Saturday 10am-4:30pm; Sunday 1-4:30pm
Regular Hours: Sundays May-September 1-4:30pm or by appointment. Also, follow our Facebook page.

Beaver County Model Railroad and Historical Society
416 6th Street, Monaca, 15061


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 12-3pm; Sunday 12-3pm
Regular Hours: Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

B.F. Jones Memorial Library
663 Franklin Avenue, Aliquippa, 15001

Food is the one factor that ties all our ethnic groups together. Mention stuffed cabbage and three nationalities all have a different name. Mention kibbe and everyone knows you’re talking about the Lebanese people. Mention baklava and your mouth waters to taste the Greek delicacy. Mention gnocchi and ravioli and we know you’re talking about Italian specialties. Mention Paczki and we think of a Polish Lenten donut. When the various ethnic groups that made up our town of Aliquippa immigrated to America, they each brought their own unique and delicious recipes to remember their homelands. Come to the B F Jones Memorial Library to learn about the different cuisines of the town and discover how you can duplicate these treasures in your own home.


History weekend hours: Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 12-2pm
Regular Hours: Monday -Wednesday 9am-7:30pm; Thursday-Saturday 9am-5pm

Beaver Falls Historical Society and Museum
Carnegie Free Library, 1301 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, 15010

Beaver Falls residents were of many nationalities and their food choices varied. Come try your luck at eating rice with chopsticks. Find out who consumed soup without a spoon and why . Taste home-made mayonnaise served on Beaver Falls own Co-operative Flint glass bowls with the recipe to make your own. Learn about the WWI donuts that were served to soldiers called “Doughboys.” Enjoy the taste of old fashioned “feather cake” with a recipe. H.J. Heinz, “Mr. Pickle,” did not make condiments while living in Beave Falls, instead learn about the history of his brick making.

724-494-2439 or 724-774-6229

History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm
Regular Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00am-2:00pm

Colonial Dames XVII Century, Beaver Town Chapter
1 River Road Extension, Beaver

Maintaining the principles of virtue, courage and patriotism that lead to the colonial independence, members have traced their lineage to an ancestor residing in America by 1701. Colonial recipes will be available at the Log house in Beaver.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am–5pm

Ellwood City Area Historical Society Museum
310 Fifth Street, Ellwood City

Not participating in 2019.


Regular Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12–4pm and 1st Saturday of each month 12–4pm

Enon Valley Community Historical Society
1084 Main Street, Enon Valley, 16120

Visitors will be able to see an old time kitchen on display complete with various kitchen utensils and cookware. Also included will be a corn sheller, cream separator, ice cream maker, and dairy memorabilia. Photographs of local eateries in the Enon Valley area, including the 3 hotels, the Sunbonnet Inn, and the Enon Valley Inn will be on display. Several family recipes passed down from our German population, the small Amish sect, and the Scots-Irish will be shared. A community bake sale, along with some local Amish baked goods will be offered.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: Please call for information.

Fort McIntosh Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

Formed in 1904, we preserve history and historic sites, support veterans and education, plus honor our forefathers. We trace genealogical ancestors and, in doing so, have found their family recipes. Comfort food such as “Sage and Onions” also known as “English Dressing” was a household staple that originated before 1840. It will be available to taste at the Vicary Mansion.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am–4pm (at Vicary Mansion-see below)

Ladies Grand Army of the Republic
South Side Historical Village, 1198 State Rt. 168, Hookstown, 15050

Did you know that all pickled eggs are not purple? Hard-cooked eggs can be prepared with many flavors and colors from white, yellow, red–even marbled. Across time, the incredible egg has been hard-boiled for preservation and flavor. Their colors have been symbolic in some cultures. Their uses varied. Served at bars, their purpose was to make the customers thirsty. Our purpose is to celebrate our many cultures as we celebrate food in 2019. Multi- colored pickled eggs will be displayed at South Side Historical Village and recipes shared in April to whet your appetite for History Weekend in May.Ladies G.A.R

History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm

Larry Bruno Hall of Achievement
Carnegie Free Library, 1301 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, 15010

Not participating in 2019.


Regular Hours: Please call for information.

Little Beaver Historical Society Complex
710 Market Street, Darlington, 16115

The emphasis will be on exhibits which include a heritage kitchen, early utensils and cookbooks at the Red brick museum. Early food preparation methods will be demonstrated at the fireplace and outside bake oven at the log cabin. Eastern European ethnic foods will also be prepared to showcase the tradition that was prevalent during the early industrial age of the county.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: January–May by appointment; Darlington Days, June 1, 10:00 am–4:30 pm; June 2, 12:00pm–4:30pm; July 13, 10:00am–4:00pm; August 10, 10:00am–4:30pm; September 14, 10:00am–4:30pm; November 30–December 26, Saturdays 10:00am–4:30pm and Sundays 12:00pm–4:30pm; December 6, 6:00pm–9:00pm; December 7 and 14, 10:00am–4:00pm

Logs Town Associates Historical Society
Vicary Mansion, 1235 Third Avenue, Freedom, 15042

A diorama of Logs Town and it’s gardens will be on display. Information will be provided in regards to the fur trade.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 12-4pm

McKinley Schoolhouse
McKinley Road & 37th Street Extension, Beaver Falls, 15010

Learn about what school lunches would have looked like in the 1920s and 30s. Joining us on Saturday will be a school teacher and student in period dress reading to visiting children from McKinley School’s collection of classroom books.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: Please call for information

Merrick Art Gallery and Museum
1100 5th Avenue, New Brighton, 15066

Not participating in 2019.


Regular Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4:30pm; Sunday 1-4pm

Monaca Hall of Fame
1098 Pennsylvania Avenue, Monaca, 15061

Come and hear the story of Quito Petrella who, in the 1950’s, pulled his wagon filled with candied apples, popcorn, and cotton candy in parades and at football games. Pictures of former restaurants and grocery stores will be displayed as well as historical artifacts and pictures of Monaca.

724-728-0248 or 412-671-1086

History Weekend: Saturday 10am-4pm
Regular Hours: By appointment

New Brighton Historical Society
New Brighton Public Library, 1021 Third Avenue, New Brighton, 15066

Lunch boxes from various eras, old time food tins and utensils, vintage cookbooks, and pictures of New Brighton food related businesses and advertisements will be on display.


History Weekend: Saturday 10am – 4pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm

Old Economy Village
270 16th Street, Ambridge, 15003

19th century food will be interpreted in many different ways at the Hands-On History weekend and the Spring Garden Mart (Saturday only.) The bake oven and community kitchen are some of the must-see stops on your way through the heart of this Germanic Harmonist town.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 12-5pm
Regular Hours: April – December, Wednesday – Saturday 10:00am–5:00pm; Sunday 12:00pm–5:00pm. Admission $10/adults (12 to 64); $9 Seniors (65 and over) and $6 children (3 to 11).

Ohio Valley Lines Model Railroad, Library & Museum
1225 Merchant Street, Ambridge, 15003

The local H.J. Heinz Company manufactured thousands of food products and had to have a way to distribute them throughout the country. The train layout will show how food was shipped by rail and will include models of Heinz private rail cars.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: Mondays 7-9:30pm, closed major holidays.

Richmond Little Red School House
245 Park Road, Beaver, 15009

Hungry? Experience the atmosphere of an old one room school house, while enjoying an “Old Fashion Pie Social.” Bring your appetite to enjoy a taste of a variety of homemade pies.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: Maple Syrup weekend: Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm; Sunday 1:00pm–4:00pm. Summer Hours: 1st Sunday June through September 1pm–4pm

Rochester Area Heritage Society Museum and Model Railroad
350 Adams Street, Second Floor, Rochester, 15074

Fry Glass bakeware will be used to re-create ethnic dishes that would have been eaten by employees who represented a multitude of nationalities. Some of our dishes to sample will include for the tasting: pasta from Italy, Irish bread with a crunchy crust and German cake for dessert, all served on Fry Glass. The little ones can sample candy made with an ethnic twist!


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 10am-4pm
Regular Hours: Please call for information or see us on Facebook.

Saint Nicholas Chapel
5400 Tuscarawas Road, Beaver, 15009

The Chapel was built to honor the founders of the GCU, a fraternal life insurance and annuity provider. The GCU was founded in 1892 and the Chapel was completed for the 100th anniversary of the organization in 1992. The Chapel is an active parish in the Byzantine Archeparchy of Pittsburgh. In addition to the worship area on the first floor of the structure, there is a museum on the lower level that houses GCU and church artifacts from the early history of the organization. The St. Nicholas Chapel will be featuring Rusyn influenced appetizers and pastries to sample.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Regular Hours: Divine Liturgy celebrated Sundays at 10:30 a.m. or by appointment

Sons of the American Revolution; Sons of Confederate Veterans; Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
1 River Road Extension, Beaver

National organizations of male descendants of those Patriots who served the cause of Freedom during the American Revolution, as well as those who served their causes during the American Civil War. Each organization is a non-profit, non-political, non-secret organization dedicated to patriotic, historical and educational objectives. An information table will be available at Beaver Area Heritage.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am–4pm

South Side Historical Village
Hookstown Fair Grounds, 1198 State Rt. 168, Hookstown, 15050

From garden to table, fields to oven, explore the old ways of feeding a family. Grind grain and bake breads at the outdoor bread oven. See antique harvest equipment and tools in the barn. Visit the blacksmith shop, vital to farm life. Discover the foodstuffs sold in an old-time general store. Learn about hearth cooking in the log cabin. Visit the 1920’s kitchen, and much more.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: April-October, second Saturday of the month 11am-3pm

Vicary Mansion
1235 Third Avenue, Freedom, 15042

We will be cooking Eastern Woodlands Native American style! Find out and sample what food the “Three Sisters” represent and various ways in which they were prepared. A variety of herbs and plants that were used for food as well as medicinal purposes will be on display.

A resident chef will utilize cast iron bake ware to make outdoor food in a contemporary manor.


History Weekend Hours: Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 1-4pm
Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm, closed major holidays.