Harmony Township

Harmony Township was formed April 3, 1851, by an Act of the Legislature, from Economy Township. Many things happened in this area before it became a township. It included the village of Economy, the home of the Harmony Society.

Fun facts about Harmony Township:

-The Indian village of Logstown was located in the township, and it was called Maugh-wa-wa-me, meaning broad plains or plateaus.

Conrad Weiser and George Crohan signed the Treaty of Logstown with the Delaware, Shawnee and Wyandot Indians in 1748, laying the basis of the English claim to the Ohio-Allegheny country.

Rev. Joseph Peter Bonnecamp, a Catholic priest with the Society of Jesus, said Mass, the first public religious ceremony in what was to become Beaver County, August 9, 1749. He was chaplain to French explorer Celeron de Blainville, who was sent by the governor-general of all New France to expel English traders from the area and to assert French claim.

-Virginia Lt. Gov. Robert Dinwiddie sent George Washington to French Fort LeBoeuf in 1753, and he reached Logstown November 26, 1753. He conferred with Indian leaders.

-In 1754, French and English armies and traders came through the area, and this forced the Indians to abandon the area by 1758.

-Harmony Township was part of the Depreciation Lands after the American Revolution, and Daniel Leet surveyed the area in 1785.

-In 1787, Isaac Melcher (Melchoir) of Philadelphia, acquired Logstown and laid out plans for the town of Montmorin. This never materialized.

-In fall 1792, Major General Anthony Wayne came to the area which he named Legionville. In the winter and spring of 1792-1793, he trained a unit of the U.S. Army. This was under the request of President Washington to command an army against the Indians in the Northwest Territory.

Father George Rapp, leader of the Harmony Society, purchased 3000 acres of the land for the third and final home of the society, which he called Economy. In 1827, Economy Township in which the Harmonist lands was included, was formed out of New Sewickley Township. In 1851, Harmony Township, consisting of mostly Harmonist land, was formed from Economy. The Harmony village, was not included in Harmony Township as of 1905 when Ambridge was incorporated from the township.

Levinson Steel and Babcock and Wilcox were major employers in the township.