Glasgow Borough

Glasgow was incorporated in 1854, and it was a canal town, though the Sandy and Beaver Canal never became a heavily-traveled waterway. George Dawson patented 400 acres of unsettled land on the north side of the river in 1813. The town was laid out by surveyor Sanford C. Hill in 1836. John Harvey, a paper mill operator from Beaver Creek valley, built the first house in town. This was followed by the home and store of John Brinton. The town is located past Midland and is close to the Ohio border.

Fun facts about Glasgow:

-Mail was delivered by Smith’s Ferry. Now, it is handled by Midland.

Smith’s Ferry Methodist Church was founded in Glasgow in 1867.

-There was a one-room Rockport School.

-There was a trolley around 1915, and it closed 20 years later.

-It is part of the Western Beaver School District.