Georgetown Borough

Georgetown became a borough in 1850, and it formerly was part of Greene Township. The town was laid out by Benoni Dawson January 13, 1793. It is the second oldest town in Beaver County.

Fun facts about Georgetown:

-Since 1789, the village of Georgetown was known to westbound riverboat travelers as a stopping place for food and supplies. Georgetown’s River Hotel was built in 1802.

-Early families settling in the area were the Dawsons, Mackalls, Calhoons, Kinseys and Poes.

-The post office was established in 1802.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was built in 1814, and it is the oldest Episcopal Church in the county.

Dawson’s Ferry, later called Smith’s Ferry, went into operation in the 1800’s to carry traffic north. It quit operating in the 1960’s.

-You enter Georgetown by a road from Hookstown.