The Borough of Ambridge was incorporated in 1905. Much of the town’s existence is from the Harmony Society, who first settled in the area in 1825, and then to American Bridge Company, who bought much of the land when the Harmony Society dissolved in 1905.

Fun facts about Ambridge:

-Ambridge started as Okonomie or Economy by the Harmony Society. It was the third and last home (1825-1905) of the religious communal society, founded by George Rapp in 1805.

-The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission bought six acres of the Harmony Society property and buildings, which is now known as Old Economy Village.

-Many steel and manufacturing plants had settled in the town: American Bridge Division of U.S. Steel; Armco, a pipe mill; AM Byers, iron and tool manufacturer; Bethlehem Steel; Codo Manufacturing; and H.H. Robertson.

-The Nationality Days Festival, featuring ethnic cuisine, started in the mid 1960’s by the Ambridge Chamber of Commerce.

Trinity School for Ministry, an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition, is based in Ambridge.

Ann B. Davis, an actress who portrayed housekeeper Alice Nelson on the Brady Bunch television series from 1969-1974, resided in Ambridge for several years. She came with the Episcopal community of the Trinity School for Ministry. She passed away in June 2014.

David Zubik, raised in Ambridge and graduated from St. Veronica High School, is the 12th bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh since 2007.